Blood Donation Camp

Organising Blood Donation Camp is Simple

Borivali Blood bank organizes blood donation camps with the following mutual understanding with the Organizers:

  1. Organizers desirous of arranging blood donation camp shall approach the blood bank with a request letter on a letterhead of the organization, duly signed by authorized signatory at least 1 week in advance.
  2. Organizers shall mention the expected number of blood donors, venue & duration of the blood donation camp. Kindly make appropriate propaganda with banners & pamphlets to motivate the maximum number of donors at least 7 days before the scheduled date of the blood donation camp.
  3. Blood bank officer & technical supervisor shall inspect the venue for hygiene & suggestions prior to the scheduled date to comply with FDA requirements of outdoor donor bleeding.
  4. Blood bank will make arrangements for donor beds, technical personals & biscuits for refreshment. Organizers are requested to make arrangements for Coffee from a local tea stall/hotel.
  5. All donors will be screened medical, prior to donation & will be bled only when he/ she meets all requirements of a healthy donor. Kindly do not insist or put undue pressure on blood bank personals to bleed medically unfit individuals.
  6. Tea/ Coffee break for half-day camp (10 Am to 1 Pm) & Lunch break for full-day camp (8 am to 4 pm) shall be scheduled. Organizers are requested to arrange for snacks & lunch for blood bank staff as they will be totally occupied with your work during the camp.
  7. Any issues/discrepancies shall be dealt with peacefully between chief organizers & blood bank officer / technical supervisor/ camp coordinator.
  8. Voluntary donor cards & appreciation certificates for each donor will be handed over to the chief organizer 1 week after the camp. Voluntary donor card issued is valid in our own blood bank & donor cards of other blood banks will not be accepted for issuing unit of blood /
  9. Validity for donor cards is for 2 years. Any donor requiring blood In the future for self (free), whereas relatives/friends shall produce one card & Rs 400/.
  10. Borivali blood bank is highly obliged to your esteemed organization for motivating blood donors & helping us build our blood bags stock. However, it is our kind request to understand that blood bank will be providing blood to any of your donors based on the stock & blood group availability at that instance. Borivali blood bank shall make all efforts for alternative arrangements in case of non-availability of stock/blood group. Rare negative blood groups are difficult to mobilize in case of emergencies. Any planned or elective surgeries with blood requirement shall, approach the blood bank In advance for making prior arrangements.
  11. We thank all organizers / in charge of institutions for choosing a noble task of blood donation drive that will benefit society as a whole. Blood donation can be done every 3 months by a healthy Individual. A determined healthy blood donor can donate blood 172 times In his lifetime.
  12. The proposed camp site should be inspected well in advance with due importance to the following points:
    • Adequacy of the space for anticipated number of donors and on-lookers.
    • Lighting and ventilation
    • Electrical outfits
    • Toilet facilities
    • Availability of water
    • Waiting space
    • Donors’ screening space
    • Furniture (tables and chairs)
    • Refreshment space not far away from the donors’ beds
    • Cleanliness of the site
  13. Movement of the donor in the camp should be as far as possible unidirectional. Flow diagram of donor may be as hereunder;

Arrangement for camp Up to 75 Blood Bags