Frequently Asked Questions On Blood Donation


You can be blood donor if you:

  • Are between 18 to 60 years of age.
  • Weight above 45 kg an in good health.
  • Your hemoglobin is minimum 12.5 gm/dl. 

Blood donation is safe process, blood banks use a specialized disposable blood pack unit (for ine ime use only) to collect your blood.

No, Blood donation is harmless and free from risk of infection of any type. The  only discomfort is the first needle prick, and that’s minor. It doesn’t hurt once the needle is in and usually you are not even aware of it.

350ml of blood is collected is you weight between 45kg to 55kg or 450ml of blood if you weigh more than 55kg.

This certainly will not make you weak. The body starts compensating the donated volume immediately after donation. The total body volume in the human body is between4.5-5 litres. You might feel better, more relaxed and certainly pleased at having done something so wonderful in such a short time.

Blood needed by an individual, can come only from another individual. Any donation is noble. Blood donation is the noblest of all because it saves life. Blood donation leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction that your donation can save up to four lives.

The entire procedure of blood donation takes only 20 minutes of your time. You can donate at any licensed blood bank in your locality.

Remember blood is required round the clock, 365 days for emergency. Do not wait for calamities to arise be a regular donor

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