Do you want to become a Voluntary Blood Donor?

Who We Are?

We at Borivali Blood Centre ensures easily accessible and adequate supply of safest & Superior quality blood & blood components collected and procured from a voluntary non- remunerated regular blood donor in well equipped premises, which is almost free from infections, and is stored and transported under optimum conditions and is issued at ‘not-for-profit‘ charges BORIVALI always ready to help any deserving person as per its policy, “No patients should suffer for want of blood “. We believe that the quality we provide makes us the best blood bank in Mumbai.

  • Superior technology for blood testing.
  • Fully automated testing for grouping anti-body screening and cross matching.
  • High quality assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Examine critically to ensure alignment.
  • The extra care of a multi-disciplinary team.

Why Should I Donate Blood

Any donation is noble. Donation of blood is the noblest of all because it saves a human life. You will experience the satisfaction that comes with helping someone in need.
  • Because some patient needs it!
  • Because you won’t lose anything!
  • Because you are the only source of it!
  • Because you are healthy!
  • Because you care for others!

Who benefits from your act of Blood Donation ?

  • Victims of accidents and burns.
  • Those undergoing major surgeries or transplants.
  • Babies requiring exchange blood transfusions.
  • Patients with leukemia, cancer, hemophilia, heart and liver diseases.
  • Thalassemia major patients.

Donation Process



You need to complete a very simple registration form. Which contains all required contact information to enter in the donation process.



A drop of blood from your finger tip will taken for sample test to ensure that your blood hemoglobin levels are proper enough for donation process or not.


After ensuring medical history, haemoglobin level and passing screening test successfully. you will be directed to a blood donation area for donation. It will take only 3-5 minutes.

For Blood Contact No:   8108857333 | 9867296614 | 28935219

Blood Receiving Process



Doner’s are to bring in a doctor’s requisition form with pts history, blood group, blood component required clearly metioned and 2 tubes of pt blood in red and lavender coloured tubes.

Cross Matching

Testing of the blood group of patient, and cross matching with the available stock . This process takes about 30-45 mins.

Blood Receiving


Issue of blood after verification and relatives sign of issue. Relatives are requested to transport blood or component to the hospital immediately as instructed.

Cricketer Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar Created A New Role Model In The Society By Donating Blood

Blood components available at borivali blood centre

Whole Blood


Frozen Plasma (FFP)

Packed Red Blood cells (PRBC)

Platelets Concentrate (RDP)

Platelets SDP (Single Donor Platelets via cell separator)